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Proper, wood fired pizza


A little about us

Heres our story.
Everyones got a 'story' or a 'journey' now don't they. Anyway, let me introduce you to myself and Lulu.
My name is Joe, I am 24 years old and from Keswick in The Lake District. Lulu is a 1967 Citroen HY van who has spent most of her life in the South of France transporting onions from a small farm to a local market. In 2015 Lulu was brought to the UK and now together, we make some damn tasty doughy treats. 
Magic Mountain is all about bringing our atmosphere to wherever we are, so go ahead and follow us online for real-time location updates.
We’re serving in The Lake District area, so if you’re around, come say hi. See you soon!


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